The First Tea Party Organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Established February 5, 2009

    Methinks it is time

    Robert Baehr  March 1 2014 11:53:58 AM

    I am of the belief that the Tea Party Groups need to hold Mass Rallys throughout Pennsylvania to voice our protest over what's happening at the State and Federal Level of Government.  And we need to keep the politicians who are running for office in 2014 from speaking at these protests.

    I believe that our time is now - for we've been publicly silent for too long!

    It does not have to be "coordinated" to happen at the same time, but public outcry is needed -- a lot of it -- and needed NOW!

    Your thoughts on this are appreciated - please feel free to comment by clicking the link below (note:  Comments are moderated, and will not immediately appear on-line).

    For our Founding Fathers, and Mine.....
    Robert Baehr